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Creating a menopause confident workplace

Menopause Coaching

Coaching is a collaborative and supportive way to help women manage the menopause transition. It offers time and space to explore unique challenges and ease the feeling of overwhelm. Connecting with powerful tools coaching deepens thinking in a safe, non-judgemental environment improving wellbeing and confidence.

Menopause Group Coaching

Group coaching offers the opportunity to share experiences and gain diverse insights from other women, benefiting from the compassion and collective understanding of the group. 

Managing menopause in the workplace

This programme delivered across four modules is focussed on supporting women in the workplace as they navigate the menopause transition. It integrates coaching tools and techniques to build a deep understanding of their own menopause journey and explore the key areas of knowledge, resilience, self-care and self-confidence which will support continued performance in role and fulfilment of career aspirations

Navigating the menopause maze

This intensive, intimate programme, delivered over five sessions, provides understanding and support tailored to the unique experience of each participant. It supports them to identify practical strategies for managing menopause symptoms, consider what might get in the way of success and establish lifestyle adjustments which will improve wellbeing and happiness in the workplace and beyond.

Menopause Individual coaching 
Whether you are transitioning through the menopause, or are affected by it in some way, if you want to create positive change to reach a better place then receiving one to one coaching can be just the right thing for you.

For those experiencing or approaching menopause

For those struggling with menopause symptoms a coach can help you challenge beliefs and break down existing patterns of thinking, connecting you with other possibilities and ways of being. Different than talking to friends it connects you with powerful coaching tools to explore how you are feeling and to improve your wellbeing and happiness. Menopause coaching gives you protected ‘me time’ and gently holds you to account to shift your perspective and undertake tailored actions to get you to where you want to be.

For those wanting to better support someone going through menopause

Coaching can also help you explore how to best support someone who is transitioning through the menopause. It can bring greater understanding and appreciation to the feelings and symptoms being experienced and provide an opportunity to strengthen the relationship through increased empathy and knowledge.

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"Courses like this are important for the future of women to continue with their careers"

Ann, Devon

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