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Struggling with menopause?


We know how hard going through menopause can be. Connecting with others who understand and empathise can make all the difference. Protecting time to focus on your needs and being fully supported to discover lifestyle changes will result in a happier empowered you!


Our menopause coaching programme 

Our group coaching programme will guide you through a tailored process using coaching techniques and established models to stretch your thinking.


After establishing clear goals we encourage you to peel back the layers and challenge existing perspectives and assumptions to remove obstacles. 

We will explore your unique menopause experience, identify practical strategies, consider what might get in the way of success and establish lifestyle adjustments which will work for you. 

Group Coaching to support women transitioning through menopause 

Coaching is a collaborative and supportive way to help you manage the menopause transition. It gives you time and space to explore the challenges specific to you, ease the feeling of being overwhelmed and prioritise areas which would benefit from increased attention.

A coaching programme is different from talking to friends and family. Connecting you with powerful coaching tools, we deepen your thinking in a safe, non-judgemental environment. Through a combination of accountability and self-reflection you will leave with a tailored plan to improve your wellbeing and happiness.

You will:

  • Understand how the menopause is affecting you from a practical and emotional perspective 

  • Learn coaching tools and techniques designed to deepen your thinking and get results   

  • Benefit from the peer support and empathy of other woman on their menopause journey

  • Take control and feel empowered to meet your goals and improve your menopause experience. 

  • Create a bespoke plan to support practical changes to improve happiness and manage the challenges of menopause

Small intimate group

We keep the group size to a maximum of six women. As you share your journey you will benefit from each other’s compassion and collective understanding, alongside greater diversity of perspectives and ideas

Interested in joining our next programme....?

Image by Eugene Golovesov

“I have plenty of friends and family to talk to about the menopause but doing a programme like this is different. There is more focus and accountability – exactly what I needed”

Sam, Glasgow

Image by Laura Paez
Image by Ales Krivec
Image by Ashley Askew
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