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Helping employers create menopause confident workplaces

The importance of focussing on menopause in the workplace

Menopausal women are the fastest growing demographic in the workforce and while menopause is an inevitable, natural life stage which all women will go through, it is seldom talked about.  


Left unsupported women's menopause symptoms can have a negative impact in the workplace and lead to increased absence and reduced performance. Over 25% of women considering leaving the workplace because of their menopause symptoms, taking significant knowledge, skills and experience with them.

Organisations with an ambition to achieve gender equality and diversity need to understand the impact menopause can have on women's physical, emotional and mental health and actively take steps to support menopause inclusion and meet their legal obligations.

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Supporting menopause in the workplace 


At Menopause 51 we recognise the importance of providing workplace support to women, their line managers and the business as they transition through the menopause.

Organisations that are serious about gender equality and diversity are putting resource into fostering a menopause confident and inclusive workplace. 

Investing to support women navigate this natural transition successfully can bring huge benefits to wellbeing and organisational performance.

Working with us to achieve menopause inclusion 


Menopause 51 can work with you to develop the right approach to making your organisation menopause friendly and a great place to work. 

Our menopause webinars, workshops and individually tailored coaching programmes will raise awareness of menopause, support women to remain confident in their role and set a positive narrative around how menopause is discussed and considered.

Meredith delivered an informative and engaging session about the menopause. We were delighted with the number of people who signed up and her authentic, non-judgemental approach made people feel comfortable to share their ideas and experiences. This was a really important first step for Girlguiding. Everyone felt more confident by the end of the session to be part of the menopause conversation and it has sparked lots of interest in our menopause support network.


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