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PAUSE and be inspired to shape your menopause experience!

Menopause can be a challenging time as you adapt to hormonal changes, manage a variety of symptoms, and juggle all the other complexities and commitments in your life. It can be difficult to find time for yourself and yet that is exactly what you need! The Meno-Pause Card deck contains 54 beautifully designed colour coded cards that will help you shape your menopause journey, challenge existing beliefs, practice self-compassion and make decisions that are perfect for you!

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A Meno-Pause Card user commented that the deck is:

….as informative as a book but more digestible

….as practical and active as a training course but done over time to embed change

….as reflective as coaching or counselling but guided by your own wisdom

Sonja, London

Meno-Pause Cards

Meno-Pause Cards will guide and motivate you to take ownership of your menopause and make decisions that support your wellbeing and happiness. The cards are also excellent tools for use in menopause coaching or support groups where they will stimulate conversation and inspire more powerful thoughts.

The deck includes:

  • Empowerment (red) cards which guide you to take control of your life and identify what is important to you.

  • Resilience (green) cards which help you manage your mental and physical wellbeing during menopause.

  • Momentum (purple) cards which encourage you to move forward with self-belief and positivity.

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Great for individual reflection....

                                          Share with friends....

                                                                     Stimulate discussion in menopause groups....

                                                                                                                       Support women's wellbeing in your organisation....

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The butterfly

The guardian of the Meno-Pause Cards is the butterfly that embodies transformation, beauty, and freedom. The butterfly goes through different life stages to emerge vibrant and powerful. Watch how she moves with carefree lightness and joyful ease. Notice her confidence in the strength of her wings, the result of embracing change and life’s next stage.

Image by Ashley Askew

"I bought these cards to take to my menopause retreat in spain in September. Each lady chose 3 from the deck everyday and we pondered the beautiful insights written. So valuable in a group or to use individuallly. I will be using them again and again."

Retreat leader

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