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We are here to help you navigate the menopause maze

Supporting and empowering menopausal women 

As qualified coaches we founded Menopause 51 to support women struggling during menopause. Whilst travelling our own menopause paths we realised information was difficult to find and support scarce, often leaving women feeling overwhelmed and isolated. 

Supporting greater gender equality, diversity and inclusion. 

We believe that employers have a role to play and we are ready to partner with businesses to support women's wellbeing and drive greater gender equality, diversity and inclusion. 

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With a 20 year career in addiction and as a coach I appreciate the capacity for people to take back control and enact sustainable change, even in the toughest circumstances.


As I start to experience perimenopause symptoms I’m glad that I’m aware of what they are and the options that are available to me to support me on this journey. I want to educate as many other women as I can so no one suffers alone. 


Having worked as a Diversity & Inclusion specialist for many years I understand the challenges faced by women during menopause and how it can affect confidence, career progression and workplace inclusion.


My own menopause experience, alongside a career and teenage children, led me to realise I had to slow down and prioritise time for myself. While many women push aside how they are feeling and face menopause alone our programme provides support and understanding so this doesn’t have to be you.

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"The coaches were super friendly and helped me to think about what stops me from doing even the smallest things that I know will help"

Jo, London