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Meno Musings Podcast and Blogs

Meno Musings Podcast

Meno Musings is a place where we discuss all things menopause with the aim of raising awareness and knowledge through personal stories and professional insights. 


Each month we invite different women to talk about their menopause experience, or speak with professionals. Between them they share their insights and expertise of the menopause transition and managing menopause symptoms.


Listening to Meno Musings will grow your understanding of the menopause, give a sense of connection to others and empower you to find greater balance and happiness.

Episode 11 - ADHD and Menopause

This month we talk to Dr Susan Varghese who provides coaching and advisory services to women navigating both attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and hormonal changes. We explore how reduced levels of oestrogen can impact ADHD and how some women only realise they are living with ADHD when they go into perimenopause. Susan shares ways in which those navigating menopause and ADHD can help manage their symptoms, where to find information and how workplaces can be supporting the wellbeing of their menopausal, neurodiverse employees. 

Episode 10 - Embracing Menopause

This month we talk to Stefanie Daniels, who shares how to embrace menopause, get on top of your menopausal symptoms and feel like you again. Stefanie went through surgical menopause and is now a menopause ambassador and coach. She describes her menopause journey like a rubber band ball. Each band represents a piece of the menopause chaos. Stefanie shares how to focus on picking off one band at a time to get closer to feeling 'happily' menopausal. Stefanie believes tuning into your body and listening to what it is saying is core to how you experience menopause.

Episode 9 - Flushes and Fabrics

This month we talk to Eileen Willett, a fashion designer and co-founder of Cucumber Clothing. The conversation focusses on how women who experience hot flushes or night sweats need to consider not just the breathability of a fabric, which would have you reaching for cotton, but also how hydrophobic it is. Fabrics to avoid are those that soak up and retain moisture taking a long time to dry out. Whether you are at work, in your own home, or out doing daily tasks, by listening to Eileen, you will get great tips on how to feel comfortable, look good and keep that smile on your face!

Episode 8 - Hypnotherapy

This month we talk to Kerry Dolan, a qualified Hypnotherapist specialising in women’s health, about the benefits of hypnotherapy and how it can help women regain control over their body and reduce the impact of menopausal symptoms. Kerry explains about triggers, glimmers and anchors and how we can use these to re-set the nervous system during times of stress. Kerry takes you through a practical and accessible exercise which you can do at home, or in the workplace, to connect you to a positive, calmer state which helps to reduce menopausal stress and anxiety.

Episode 7 - Hormones and Relationships

While we hear a lot about oestrogen and progesterone, have you heard of oxytocin and vasopressin? These two hormones play a role in how we feel and the relationship rollercoaster we can find ourselves on. This month on Meno Musings we talk to Adelle Martin, a menopause coach and personal trainer who shares her own experience and talks about playing into your hormones and the importance of communication when managing relationships. Adelle’s advice is get curious about your hormones and understand what is going on in your body as this will be a valuable enabler when facing change.

Episode 6 - HRT supply issues

This month we talk to Dr Rachel Hines, a menopause specialist, GP and private practice clinican about the recent HRT supply issues. Caused in part by a sharp increase in demand for HRT this has led to increased anxiety and stress. Rachel shares what you need to be thinking about and doing if you’re concerned this may impact you and what is being done to address the shortage and minimise the impact. Rachels clear message is to give yourself plenty of time to fill your prescription so that if you face an issue, you can approach your GP to identify a similar product that will work for you.

Episode 5 - Menopause and Osteoporosis

This month we talk to Zoe Longford-Brown, who empowers and supports women to lead a healthier lifestyle through good nutrition and exercise. Zoe shares information on one of the more hidden symptoms of the menopause, Osteoporosis, and how it can be impacted by declining estrogen levels. She explains what we can do to support good bone health, in particular the role that exercise can play in this. Zoe urges us all to consider how we can build resistance training into our lives, starting small and finding what works for us. Importantly this grows confidence and we feel better within ourselves. 

Episode 4 - Menopause and the Law

This month we talk to Emma Swan, a lawyer who specialises in employment law about the legal aspects of menopause and the workplace.

She shares her expertise around the laws that relate to menopause in the workplace, what businesses should have in place, not just to stay within these laws but, to create a menopause inclusive culture that retains women in the workplace. Finally, she shares what steps a woman can take if she feels she’s being treated unfairly by her employer regarding her menopause symptoms. Her takeaway message is to keep open honest communication channels between employee and employer from as early on as possible.

Episode 3 - Pelvic Floors & Yoga

This month we talk to Tiffy George, a yoga practitioner and teacher of 20 years who pivoted her yoga business towards pelvic floor care and menopause following her own experiences. She shares her expertise around what pelvic floors are, how they can be impacted by the fluctuating hormones of peri- menopause, the symptoms this can result in and how yoga can help, in particular breath work and posture. She urges us to get in touch with our pelvic floors, understand them and reach out for external professional help, via yoga or women's specialist physiotherapy if we need it.

Episode 2 - Visiting your GP

This month we talk to Dr Vanh Dang a GP who regularly advises woman going through the menopause. Dr Dang describes how best to prepare for your GP appointment, what to expect when you get there and talks about the benefits and risks of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). If you are struggling with menopause symptoms then don't wait to see if they go away. Attending an appointment doesn't mean you have to commit to a particular course of treatment, however it does provide you with useful information to help consider the best course of action for you. 

Episode 1 - Surgical Menopause

To launch the series, we speak to Kirstie Blanchette who shares her experience of surgical menopause, which she started aged 36 following a cancer diagnosis. She candidly describes her journey, from waking up after the operation in surgical menopause, to the battle she waged for the RIGHT support and the impact it had on every aspect of her life. Ultimately she found a more peaceful place where she prioritises kindness to herself. Learn from Kirstie's relentless research around Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and holistic treatments and be inspired by her indomitable spirit.


To mark World Menopause Day 2021 we were delighted to be invited by Sam Cande to speak on her #sustaintalks podcast series and help raise the profile of this important and natural life transition which all women will experience. It is great to see menopause climbing up the organisational agenda and we are proud to be part of the growing voice to educate and raise awareness amongst women and organisations. 

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