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Seeking menopause support from those around you

We tend to think we are going through the menopause alone. The reality is we are not, apart from the millions of other women going through it, it also affects those around us including family, partner and work colleagues.

Consider these questions:

🌻Have you spoken to those around you about your menopause?

🌻Have you told them how you feel and what your symptoms are?

Your menopause could last many years so it’s important to manage it and get the support you need. On average perimenopause lasts 7 years and then following menopause, symptoms can continue for another 4 years (although it can be much longer) during post-menopause. Reaching out to family and friends for support and understanding can help you deal with what can debilitating symptoms.

This can sometimes be easier said than done so here are some tips:

💡Share an interesting or informative article about the menopause with a friend or family member to help start the conversation.

💡Think about how you might approach the conversation; ‘I’m currently going through menopause and would like to talk to someone about how I am finding it.

💡Remember that talking about what you are experiencing can help your family and friends understand how menopause is affecting you so that they can be more aware and supportive.

💡You don’t have to describe in detail your symptoms, which may feel private and sensitive. Focus on how people can support you and what others may need from you in order to do this.

💡Always remember you're not alone, menopause is a natural life transition that all women go through

So, if you’re struggling with menopause symptoms, give yourself 5 minutes today to think about who you could talk to and how you can start the conversation.

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