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Here are some of the kind words from those who completed our training programmes

“The workshop helped me feel more confident about having a conversation with a team member who approaches me with issues, and also gave me ideas about how to start a conversation with someone in my team if I observe changes that may be because they are in perimenopause.


"I am a busy full time mum in the midst of menopause with very little me time. I wanted some space and help to think about how I could make life better and the programme really gave me that."

Sarah, Newcastle

“It was a great intro to the menopause and helps you as a manager to think about different impacts, adjustments and considerations”


Your talk was inspiring and offered some real practical advice on both a personal and professional note.

Senior leader

The session provided practical and emotional support, and built an understanding across all staff of what other work colleagues may be going through

 Head Teacher

Thank you, Meredith for speaking at the event! It was a really thought provoking session and incredibly informative.

Tech company

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