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Supporting your workforce & organisation around menopause

Partnering with you to create a menopause confident and inclusive workplace 

We offer training and coaching programmes that provide an interactive and tailored learning experience. Focused on growing knowledge and building confidence our workshops open up the menopause conversation and support a menopause inclusive workplaceWe recognise that every organisation and culture is unique and we work closely with you to align our offering to your existing policies and practices. 

Laying the foundations

It is important to lay robust foundations through raising awareness and understanding of menopause and the impact it can have in the workplace. This will generate engagement and stimulate conversation so that all employees feel valued and supported in their roles

Menopause in the workplace

Designed for all staff this webinar will raise awareness and understanding of menopause, explore its impact in the workplace and encourage open dialogue to create a culture where everyone feels comfortable talking about menopause.

Menopause policy 

We can work with you to shape a menopause policy or guidance that sets clear narrative around your commitment to menopause inclusion, includes useful information about menopause in the workplace and signposts to relevant support and adjustments.

Establishing a menopause confident and inclusive culture

By putting resource into upskilling managers to facilitate supportive conversations and empowering women to take charge of their menopausal experience you can build a considerate and inclusive culture. This promotes a working environment where menopausal employees can access help if they need it and continue to thrive.

Menopause for leaders & managers

This interactive workshop will build managers’ understanding of menopause and the legislation which protects menopausal workers. There will be a focus on building confidence to be part of the menopause conversation and upskilling managers to sensitively discuss adjustments with women going through this natural life stage.

Thriving in menopause

Tailored for women approaching or experiencing menopause this workshop provides a safe and reflective space for women to understand the changes taking place during menopause, explore how to address workplace challenges and gain confidence to speak up and receive the support they need.

Continual learning and support
Continual learning and access to knowledge at the point of need helps to embed best practice and foster a menopause friendly and considerate workplace.

Lunch & learn sessions

We offer lunch and learn sessions built around topics of relevance and interest to your employees. These interactive sessions offer the opportunity to share relevant knowledge and useful tools as well as engage in constructive and meaningful conversation.  

Menopause champion training

This training course is an interactive session designed to build subject matter expertise and confidence to support menopausal employees. Champions are dedicated, trusted individuals who can provide support through every stage of menopause and play a role in opening up the conversation.  

Find out what Menopause 51 can do for your business

What our clients say
Meredith was professional and passionate and her delivery was exactly what we needed to deliver the message to our partners. All who attended got involved and were extremely engaged, thanks to the clear delivery and messaging of the subject matter.
Meredith's style is natural and engaging whilst being informative and she makes the session feel like a safe space to ask questions and be part of the discussion
If you want to understand the experiences of menopause and potential affects without medical jargon, in an understandable and relatable way, then check out this training! 
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