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Supporting your workforce & organisation around menopause

Partnering with you to improve gender equality, diversity and productivity

We offer training and coaching programmes that provide an interactive and tailored learning experience and can help you to introduce good menopause practice, supporting your workforce to navigate the menopause transition successfully. 

We recognise that every organisation and culture is unique and we work closely with you to align our offering to your existing policies and practices and normalise the menopause conversation.

Menopause Webinars 
These webinars are designed to grow understanding, generate engagement and stimulate conversation so that all staff feel valued and supported in their roles

Introduction to Menopause

Designed for all staff this webinar will raise awareness and understanding of menopause, explore its impact in the workplace and encourage open dialogue to create a culture where everyone feels comfortable talking about menopause.

Menopause for women

Tailored for women who may be approaching or experiencing menopause this webinar provides a safe and reflective space for women to understand menopause and to explore the impact and management of their symptoms within the workplace.

Menopause workshop for Leaders and Managers
This workshop is designed to build knowledge and grow confidence in having menopause conversations. It will position leaders and managers as key agents of change, driving positive narrative around the menopause and fostering an equitable and inclusive workplace.

Getting comfortable talking about menopause

This interactive workshop is packed with tools and exercises to support leaders and managers to build their knowledge of the menopause. It takes the time to clarify responsibilities and discuss the impact of menopause in the workplace. It will grow managers' confidence to have supportive and sensitive conversations with colleagues, discussing adjustments and signposting useful information. 

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Menopause inclusive workplace
Publishing a menopause policy or guidance document clearly demonstrates your commitment to women's wellbeing and the importance of making menopause a normal part of conversation. Establishing a menopause network is a great catalyst for supporting this change.

Menopause Policy

We can work with you to shape a menopause policy or guidance that sets clear narrative around your commitment to menopause inclusion, includes useful information about menopause in the workplace and signposts to relevant support and adjustments.


Establishing a menopause network

If you are considering forming a menopause network, we can support you to; establish effective governance, grow visibility and membership and build a strong voice from which to influence the wellbeing and inclusion of women going through the menopause.

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The session provided practical and emotional support, and built an understanding across all staff of what other work colleagues may be going through

 Head Teacher