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Could it be that four legs are better than two when it comes to the menopause?

Our parks are full of them. …

Our children continually plead with us for one…

They come in all shapes and sizes….

And we know they are good for our physical and emotional health…

What am I talking about?

🐶 Our precious pets of course!

But how can our four-legged friends be of help as we transition through menopause?

Stress and anxiety are two major factors impacting a woman’s experience of the menopause and high levels of stress can go on to increase other symptoms, such as hot flushes.

Enter centre stage… our family pets. We can often derive more support and pleasure from our cats and dogs than our two-legged friends or family!

✔️How can this be?... I hear you say. It’s simple really. Animals can lower our stress and anxiety levels. They don’t judge us. We don’t have to worry about what we say in front of them or how they might react. We can just be ourselves. Their love is unconditional, no matter what kind of day we are having, how we are feeling, or if our cheeks are flushed a few shades brighter than usual.

One downside is that menopausal women can find themselves developing new allergies and sadly this can be to their precious cats or dogs. On the plus side, if you are diabetic and are going through menopause you may also be experiencing unstable insulin levels and dogs can help detect a drop in blood sugar levels and alert the owner.

🌲What is really great is that bonding with a family pet can help get you out of bed in the morning, exercising surrounded by nature, and meeting other people. They can bring structure to your day, control when you feel it is lacking, and laughter when it is much needed. Who can’t resist a smile when that wet nose is pushed into your hand or that cute face moves in for a snuggle. They just seem to know when you need them the most.

If you are like me though and perhaps caring for a dog full time is not an option you can check out organisations like BorrowMyDoggy, ask a friend or family member if you can regularly walk their dog or just head to the closest park and without looking too creepy, soak up the menagerie of canines frolicking in the fields.

😀Just doing this and I can feel the heaviness lift from around me, feelings of irritability subside, the day seems brighter, and I actually find myself smiling.

So full of infectious joy, always happy to see you and ready to lavish their love on you, why wouldn’t you think about a new addition to your family or your daily routine who could just make you feel more yourself again.

💜 Feel free to share below stories of your favourite companion who is there for you on your menopausal journey.

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