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Are my symptoms the menopause or not?

I started my menopause 3 years ago or was it 4 or 5? To tell you the truth I don't really know.

I was not prepared to embrace the menopause and I really wish I had known more about it before, so I could have managed it better.

Some women are not affected at all, some have mild symptoms for a short period or long period (excuse the pun) and some women can be completely disabled by it, is disabled the right word? I read with interest recently that a worker's menopause or perimenopause could potentially be regarded as a disability by an employment tribunal, given the severity and longevity of symptoms.

We all have bad days and other things going on in our lives – so it is easy to dismiss our menopause symptoms as ‘other things’.

There are 34 symptoms of the menopause- they can include hot flushes, migraines, brain fog, depression and irritability and a loss of self-confidence – potentially exacerbated by a persistent lack of sleep.

Are you really addressing your menopause symptoms in a systematic way or are you relying on a ‘strategy of hope’ – ‘hoping it will not be that bad’, ‘hoping it will just go away if you don’t think about it?’

How much do you know about the symptoms of menopause and which ones do you identify with?

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